We provide subtitling services to any desired video material by our customers, whether be them movies, series, programs, company projects, soap operas, songs on YouTube and even commercials in countless formats like: pac, rac, stl, srt, xml, txt, sim, png, tga and many more.
    We export burnt-in subtitles in whatever video formats requested like: HD, MP4, MPEG, WMV, PAL DV, NTSC, CineForm and many more.
    We cover multilingual translation plus Dual Subtitling in numerous languages from-into and vice versa; like:
    Arabic , English
    Arabic , French
    Arabic , Turkish
    Arabic , Russian
    Arabic , Spanish
    Arabic , German
    Arabic , Japanese, to name but a few.
    We offer all these services to any content display platforms; TV channels, Cinemas, Online Platforms and cable networks.
    We abide by any censorship required by our clients no matter how strict or flexible.
    If you prefer to use your own translation, it will be fine with us to timecode whatever translation you send us in a perfect fashion.