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    We are glad to give you a brief presentation about ABC dubbing and subtitling services. We have the best and biggest dubbing, subtitling, and translation studios in the Middle East with a professional team that works 24/7 to meet our clients' needs in addition to the best technological equipment. It is worth mentioning that ABC dubbed some of the most important blockbusters and most popular TV series produced by Hollywood, Bollywood, and the biggest producers from all over the world, and since our clients are our priority, we make sure to provide them with the following advantages:


    1-      We highly respect quality and deadlines.

    2-     We deliver the best lip-synch dubbing technique and high acting feelings because we deal with top stars, talents, and agents for dubbing and adaptation.

    3-     We can execute our services at very affordable and cost-effective prices.

    4-     Ready to deliver any content (subtitling – translation – timecoding – document translation, etc.).


    ABC has dubbed the best & most popular Turkish Dramas that made a huge success such as:


    1-     "Magnificent Century" (Harem Al Sultan in Arabic also subtitled in English),

    2-     " Kosem" (Sultana Kosem in Arabic also subtitled in English),

    3-     "Endless Love" (Kera Sevda - Hob A'ma),

    4-     "Vatanim Sensin" (Anta Watani),

    5-     "Cesur Ve Guzel" (Jasoor wal Jamila)

    6-     " Kuzey Guney" (Awdat Mouhannad),

    7-     “Dolunay”

    8-     “Our Story1+2.”

    9-     “Kadin” and numerous movies in that regard.


    In addition, because ABC dubbed lots of Hollywood’s most famous movies and TV series for the special network OSN, it was named "Hollywood in Arabic," as we have dubbed dozens of the most popular movies and over 16 TV series such as:


    1-     Avatar

    2-     The Dark Night

    3-      300 –

    4-     Harry Potter –

    5-     Grey's Anatomy

    6-      Desperate Housewives

    7-      "24" and many other TV shows in various languages, such as English, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Columbian, Brazilian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.


    Our archive also includes many famous documentaries that ABC has translated and dubbed, such as "Apocalypse," "Great Migrations," "Fight Science," as well as many international dramas such as “Grand Hotel,” Tierras Salvajes, “Pega Pega,” “Traicion,” “Ladies’ Paradise,” etc.