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    ABC Studios' team is proud to present to you Dubbing & Subtitling Studios. ABC Administration mainly consists of production studios, and it aims at delivering subtitling services, translated programs and dubbing into spoken and classical Arabic on an international level. 
    These brand new state of the art studios, which host the best and most advanced technologies, are divided into 14 singular recording studios and equipped with the best tools of recording, mixage and montage. Our technical team, which has highly and professionally trained translators, copy-preparers, directors, sound engineers, actors and actresses, guarantees to present to you the best Arabic dubbing in the best quality.
    A slogan of one of our clients is: “Hollywood in Arabic”, and this is really what we’re trying to present and achieve. Sometimes it might take us a longer time in doing our job when compared to other companies in the business, however, this is to ensure that our job is done with the best quality, because we are perfectionists. In dubbing, we always seek to produce the best vocal match for every main character, and we are also careful about choosing the right words in the translation process to match the context and to produce the best lip-sync there is.
    In fact, we have worked with the best studios in Hollywood, USA, like: Warner Bros, FOX and Paramount, as we are their favorite providers of dubbing services. We have also dubbed a big number of movies that are popular worldwide, like: The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, 300, Australia, Avatar and many more. Also, we have worked with the best studios in Bollywood, where we have translated and dubbed some of the most important Indian films and dramas. 
    We have also worked on some of the most famous American drama series like: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Pacific, 24, Lie to Me and many more.
    Moreover, we have worked with National Geographic, where we dubbed some of the most important international documentaries in a very unique and professional way, and some of these documentaries are: Apocalypse, Fight Science and Great Migration. In addition to that, we have worked on famous Turkish programs and dramas, some of them are: Wa Yabka Al-Hob, Hareem Al-Sultan, Intikam, Dilla, Awdat Mohannad, and tens of the most famous and important Turkish dramas.
    ABC Studios are considered one of the most important pioneer companies in the Middle East and the biggest in terms of translating and dubbing movies, dramas and programs into Arabic.